airstream with plastic plywood fasteners

For our airstream we bought 7 sheets of 1/2″ ACX plywood. Our layout required two 2′ wide pieces which we chose to cut from the same sheet and one 3′ piece. Some Airstreamers recommend marine grade plywood for the subfloor which is superior to ACX but it was more than double the cost. Therefore we opted for ACX. 【Get Price】

4. Measure and cut a new piece of treated plywood (5/8"). You'll want this to be cut a precise as possible. You are looking to get as much wood on the lip of the frame as possible along every edge. 5. Secure with self-tapping metal/wood screws. Pretty self explanatory. Just go around and secure in your new subfloor pieces to the frame. 【Get Price】

Airstream use this screw to attach subfloor to the frame. These screws are self tapping just drill a pilot hole and then screw these in place for a firm grip. Compatibility: All Airstream sub floor plywood to frame. Head: Flat Philips . Length: 1.5. QTY: Pack of 100 【Get Price】

Choose from our selection of wood fasteners including hammer-in tee nut inserts for wood tapping inserts for wood and more. In stock and ready to ship. 【Get Price】

Cut new floor sections from same thickness flooring (5/8″) plywood and fit them in place fastening with cleats on the bottom-side at the in-between frame cut seams with wood screws. Mark the floor beam locations and drill holes through the plywood into the beams installing flush head self-drilling/tapping flooring screws. 【Get Price】

I chose instead to duplicate the look by using two layers of 3/8″ birch plywood as shown below. One forms the outside and overlaps the face frame by 1/2″ and the other is inset to the cabinet door opening. The net result is a the equivalent of the extra weight of a 1/4″ layer of plywood per door but a more durable and stable door. 【Get Price】

Screws are 1-5/8" long. The flat Phillips heads countersink themselves. Sold in bags of 25 screws. Warning: A self-tapping screw in thin material is inherently weaker than a bolt with a nut on it. If the steel you are fastening to is too thin or there is a lot of force working on the screw we recommend a fastener with a nut. 【Get Price】