repair hardwood floor termite damage

Yes termites are well-known hardwood-boring pests though it takes time for the damage they cause to hardwood floors to become apparent to homeowners. If left uncontrolled for some years termite colonies can eat away at your hardwood floor to the point that it becomes noticeable and weaker at the infested spots. 【Get Price】

We all know that termite damage could destroy the whole building. In this article we will be speaking about wood floor termite damage. How does termite damage hardwood floors look like? In addition you will find useful video that demonstrates how pests can destroy the bedroom floor. 【Get Price】

Check out how we repaired this termite damage in hardwood floor without removing and replacing the whole board! Step 1: Isolate the hole in the hardwood floor. Step 2: Shape the filler piece of wood to fill the hole. 【Get Price】

Repairing termite damage to a floor can be a complicated process. Termites rarely limit their destruction to the superficial part of a floor as they typically prefer the softer wood that is used in the subfloor and supporting components beneath the visible flooring. Wood Floors. Hardwood floors may show evidence of termite damage although the ... 【Get Price】

Signs of damage. On examining your house you can point out some signs that show your house has been damaged by termites. To begin with you may notice that your floors as well as ceilings appear sagged there may be wings that have piled up some areas that look like they have been damaged by water and some dust like traces. 【Get Price】