how to attach a fence pergola to vinyl sided wall

Drill holes into the house with the hand drill. If you're drilling into a wood wall covered with siding use a drill bit approximately half the size of the lag bolt. If you're drilling into masonry use a drill bit large enough so the wall anchor can fit into the hole. The holes need to be deep enough to accommodate the bolts or wall anchor. 【Get Price】

Building an attached pergola to vinyl siding is quite simple to install especially if you are using a vinyl pergola kit. By following the steps below you can build an attached pergola to your vinyl siding. Step 1 – Get the Area Ready. Wear the necessary personal protective equipment such as hand gloves and safety goggles. 【Get Price】

Get a role of tyvek tape to cover up all the holes left from removing the existing siding. Then snap a chalk line across the wall from screw to screw of the existing siding so that your reinstall will be perfectly straight. And the second is a punch that is used to attach the siding to a special insert (undersill trim) that goes in the J ... 【Get Price】

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I am building a Pergola that will be attached to the house. What is the preferred method when attaching to a house with Vinyl siding. Install the ledger overtop of the siding or remove the siding attach the ledger and recase around it? Thanks 【Get Price】

Unique Requirements for Wall-Leaning Pergolas. There are a lot of reasons to choose a wall-leaning pergola. You might be looking to create shade by building a pergola on top of your deck or you might be looking for a space-saving way to add a pergola to the front of the house. No matter where you’re putting the pergola keep in mind that ... 【Get Price】