not swell wood plastic composites fence

Whether privacy fence slats will swell or shrink depends on what material you use to make them. Some wood species are more responsive to weather conditions than others. Redwood and cedar are two ... 【Get Price】

Whereas wood needs to be sawn cut to size and coated the extrusion of wood plastic composites produces a molded finished decorated piece in a single step reducing effort and cost. The affordable and renewable wood content of 40 to 80 percent by weight in wood plastic composites is relatively high. 【Get Price】

Wood Plastic Composites are superior to wood in their extreme durability and maintenance requirements. With wood fencing you will eventually get to experience rotting swelling twisting fading and splintering. WPC are immune to those conditions. With our WPC fences you can forget cracking from weather or insects. 【Get Price】

For example even though some of the entirely-plastic cellular PVC decking products have the highest water absorption values for any decking the boards do not show end flare or curling due to water uptake. This is because there is no wood there to swell. The issue with WPCs is that you can never truly cover all of the wood with plastic. 【Get Price】