matte or satin finish on wood floors

Satin finish or low luster is the next level after matte. So you have a little bit more of a shine but you can still keep a more natural look to your hardwood floors as well. The truth of the matter is high gloss floors look great and add a beautiful ambiance to a room but they require a lot of maintenance! 【Get Price】

The satin finish comes next with a kind of glow about it but not that light-reflective high-gloss look. And then at the very opposite end of the spectrum from the gloss finish is the matte finish which is fairly flat and non-reflective as finishes go. Glossy finish. Glossy floors were the way to go at one point. 【Get Price】

Satin. For some matte finishes are a little too dull for them but they still do not want the shine of a gloss or semi-gloss finish. Satin might be the right choice. It is slightly glossier than matte so it retains some of the imperfection-hiding power. They simply make less of a “natural” or “rustic” statement than matte. 【Get Price】

A hardwood floor’s luster is the amount of glow that is seen from reflected light. Here’s a comparison of various hardwood floor finishes: High-Gloss = 75% or higher. Semi-Gloss = 55% – 70%. Satin = 30 – 50%. Matte = 1 – 20%. As you can see above matte floors have the least amount of shine. 【Get Price】

The fact is depending on your lighting and hardwood type the floor finish can have a great effect on the overall look. So with that in mind whilst there are 4 different levels of hardwood floor finish sheens: Matte Satin Semi-gloss and Glossy… In this article where going to look at the two trending finishes of late – matte vs satin! 【Get Price】