use composite screw on wood floor

A traditional tapered screw’s (left) threads and shank are the same diameter; a production screw’s threads are larger. However many woodworkers still do use Phillips head screws which came into production in the 1930s and became popular because their cross-slot recess automatically centers on the tip of the screwdriver. 【Get Price】

For use with treated hardwood cedar composite and PVC deck boards. Fits any 5-1/4″ to 5-3/4″ deck board. Automatic 3/16″ spacing. Dual screw guides fasten both sides of board with single tool placement. Clamping action grips deck board. Heavy-duty contractor-grade tool. Easy to use. Helps keep deck boards straight and even. 【Get Price】

In this vid i show why I never use deck screws for structural building and suggest you consult your building regulation codes in your country for the suitabl... 【Get Price】

Composite decking screws. If you opt for composite deck screws be sure to use stainless steel screws that will not rust or corrode. Select a minimum size of #8 x 2.5 in. A few final words about decking fasteners. If you are installing fascia or risers always use composite decking screws -- regardless of the particular decking product line you ... 【Get Price】