how to make ceiling look like wood planks

Was wondering if you feel like you could have stained the wood planks instead of the white paint. We have a large room and want to plank the ceiling but wanted a darker ceiling. I love the white if it’s the only option but my husband wants to look for darker options!! 【Get Price】

Hold plank up to ceiling outlet and mark width and depth with a pencil (Image 1). Cut out marked area with a jig saw (Image 2). Hold plank up to outlet to make sure cut is in proper place. Repeat with other planks around outlets. Reinstall fixtures and turn power to room back on. Continue installing planks until entire ceiling is covered (Image 3). 【Get Price】

The last thing you want is to have patches of wood on your ceiling that look uniform and identical. Take a look at this example on the wrong and right way to install wood planks for variation. Alternate your boards Then make your cuts 【Get Price】

First attach the Easy Up® tracks directly on to the ceiling perpendicular to the ceiling joists. Second snap the clips on the track. Third position the tongue and groove planks snugly and slide the clip into place–and voila! If you have an existing 15/16-in. suspended ceiling grid you can easily replace old ceiling tiles for wood-look ... 【Get Price】