cottonwood plastic wood boards

The close-grained heartwood of cottonwood has a tan to brownish tone with gray or purple mineral streaks. Its thin sapwood is creamy white. Due to cottonwood's light weight lack of odor and taste colorlessness and nail-holding ability about half of all the wood harvested becomes boxes and crates. 【Get Price】

Pricing/Availability: Cottonwood is generally regarded as low-value wood and isn’t commonly harvested or available as lumber—though it can usually be found throughout its natural range for utility purposes. Carving blocks or burl blanks are sometimes available for hobbyist purposes. 【Get Price】

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Hardwood lumber and boards are widely used for trims furniture and other decorative woodworking projects. If you want your project to have the natural beauty of wood with added benefits our selection of treated wood products have been pressure treated to prevent decay and keep insects from destroying the wood. 【Get Price】