how to disguise the outside of a ugly building

Mar 3 2017 - Attractive ideas to hide the "Elephant" in your yard!. See more ideas about Backyard Yard Outdoor projects. 【Get Price】

2. Hide the eyesore. Maybe it's the eyesore of the home that is throwing your curb appeal off its game. Think creatively like Tasha did here and cover what's ugly. 【Get Price】

An industrious homeowner however can transform that ugly blotch in the landscape into a decorative element in the garden in just one weekend. With the addition of paint planters trellises plants and decorative elements such as faux windows new doors and solar lights an ugly metal shed becomes a statement of garden decor ingenuity. 【Get Price】

Hide AC Unit with a Well-Ventilated Structure. Group various things you don’t want to see together. You can build a full-height equipment shed capable of housing your outdoor AC unit pool stuff and garden tools. Here’s how to build a shed on the cheap. 【Get Price】

Masonry paint is a cheap and fast way to cover an ugly exterior. Textured finishes are particularly good for hiding minor cracks. Textured finishes are particularly good for hiding minor cracks. It can hide poor-quality or mismatched brickwork on period properties and create a sleek finish on modern homes. 【Get Price】

Main pic: My 3-hour #bipolar recovery project finished. A cover for the AC unit using lattice that the previous owner left and a pallet I disassembled. Bottom left shows the cover next to the AC unit. Middle bottom shows the cardboard model I created so I could get @amy.scoville's permission to do the project. 【Get Price】