neighbor tore down my fence

Sometimes a neighbor may build an ugly fence out of spite for a neighbor. Many states have laws that regulate "spite fences." Most of these laws create the presumption that a fence is a nuisance to a neighbor when it is useless when it is constructed to annoy a neighbor and when it exceeds spite fence height limitations. 【Get Price】

While we were away on vacation my crazy neighbor lady tore down our fence between her yard and ours. We rent. It is my landlord's fence not her's. While fence was down my cat got out (cat never left yard previously -- she is too fat to hop the fence. We had left her w/ food and water and different neighbor checking on jher while we wer gone. 【Get Price】

I tried to get my neighbor to pay for half of a fence that was falling down. They said no because they were leaving and they let their house go into foreclosure. So not to stick the new owner of the house I paid 100% of the cost to replace the fence. If I had asked the new neighbors to pay for half of the fence we would have started off on bad ... 【Get Price】

A considerate neighbor in this situation would of course realize the impact of her decision and consult you on her desire to replace her fence panels. But not all neighbors are considerate people. Your neighbor might not realize the effect that this will have on your house resulting in three non-matching panels. 【Get Price】

Neighbor tore down and replaced fence without permission We moved out of our property in Texas in 2009 and currently rent it out to a tenant. When we went to check on the property the shared fence... 【Get Price】

If you can prove to your neighbor that his or her fence has landed on your property and that neighbor refuses to move or tear it down you may have no choice but to contact a lawyer -- unless ... 【Get Price】

My neighbor's fence is on my property - I had the land surveyed to prove it and I sent a letter along with a copy of the survey and asked the neighbor to move the fence. They have refused to. They have refused to. 【Get Price】