composite pickup truck bed

The carbon fiber composite sheets you see above may not scream "I'm strong" but according to GMC the CarbonPro is the most corrosion dent and scratch-resistant pickup truck bed currently in ... 【Get Price】

Strength durability and scratch resistance: The carbon fiber composite material provides the most scratch dent and corrosion-resistant pickup bed in the industry. Corrosion-resistance: Carbon fiber composite naturally resists corrosion helping the bed withstand weathering and maintain a Seven Trust appearance over the life of the truck. 【Get Price】

Composite Truck Body consistently delivers a quality product that significantly improves the capacity and capabilities of a pickup truck lowers lifetime ownership costs dramatically improves fuel economy and reduces the company’s carbon footprint. 【Get Price】

Leave it to Toyota and Honda to offer what Ford GM and Chrysler have talked about -- an all-composite pickup bed on both the newly redesigned Toyota Tacoma and the all-new Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup trucks. We're not talking about a composite "bed liner" we're talking about a complete structure of composite replacing the "traditional ... 【Get Price】

When GMC unveiled its new half-ton Sierra pickup truck a year ago the automaker spoke at great length about its new carbon fiber pickup bed that would be available as an option. It’s taken a ... 【Get Price】