naturally occurring composite volcano

User: The three major types of volcanoes are Weegy: Three Major Types of Volcanoes are: Cinder Cone Shield and Composite. Score 1 User: _____ is a naturally occurring gas that's found in most soils and rocks and can cause lung cancer Weegy: Radon is a naturally occurring gas that's found in most soils and rocks and can cause lung cancer. 【Get Price】

Composite volcanoes have steep slopes forming a basically symmetrical shape. The last eruption of the volcano may have even created a bowl a caldera at its peak making it appear as if the top of the mountain was sliced off or it may have collapsed from its own weight. 【Get Price】

Composite volcanoes tend to occur in chains with each volcano several kilometers from the next. The " Ring of Fire " in the Pacific Ocean consists of stratovolcanoes. Famous examples of composite volcanoes include Mount Fuji in Japan Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens in Washington State and Mayon Volcano in the Philippines. 【Get Price】

But each volcano is different. Some burst to life in explosive eruptions like the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo and others burp rivers of lava in what's known as an effusive eruption like the ... 【Get Price】

An excellent example of cinder cone is Parícutin Volcano in Mexico. This volcano was born in a farmers corn field in 1943 and erupted for the next 9 years. Lava flows erupted from the base of the cone eventually covered two towns. Cinder cones often occur in groups where tens to hundreds of cones are found in one area. 【Get Price】

Composite Volcano. A composite volcano forms in subduction zones when a crustal plate is forced into the mantle and begins to melt. Andesite dacite and rhyolite lavas are the primary types of lava that form these volcanoes. Eruptions on the volcanoes often alternate between tephra and lava flows. 【Get Price】

Subduction volcanoes occur where one tectonic plate is thrust and consumed by another. This type is the most explosive and comprises approximately 80% of the worlds active volcanoes. Rift volcanoes occur where tectonic plates diverge often on the ocean floor. These are generally less explosive. Hot spot volcanoes occur in the middle of plate ... 【Get Price】