vinyl residue removal on wood table

Water can easily damage some wood surfaces so quick drying is important. The Baking Soda Method. Another reason this can happen is that over time vinyl items can ooze a sticky residue that would cause it to adhere to the surface. However regardless if that was the cause of not this method should work to remove the plastic residue. You Will ... 【Get Price】

Teresa said “I put a plastic protector on my wood desk under my lap top to protect it. When I removed it there is a sticky residue on the desk. How do I clean it or remove it without damage to the wood?” Table of Contents:Removing the ResidueAdditional Tips and AdviceSources advertisement Over time vinyl will ooze … 【Get Price】

Goof off or Goo Gone or GENTLE use of a Mr Clean Magic Eraser (not too much pressure or you'll start removing paint/finish) should remove the sticky residue but to get rid of the imprint you're probably going to have to do a little sanding. 【Get Price】

OPTION 4: Lubricate the lingering residue. Oil and other water-displacing lubricants can help win the war against goo. If working with glass linoleum vinyl or finished wood reach for WD-40 ... 【Get Price】