70mm precast concrete wall panels

Precast architectural panels are also used to clad all or part of a building facade or free-standing walls used for landscaping soundproofing and security walls and some can be prestressed concrete structural elements. Stormwater drainage water and sewage pipes and tunnels make use of precast concrete units. 【Get Price】

Every precast wall panel has a thick layer of energy-efficient thermal insulation integrally sandwiched between a very durable concrete interior and a unique beautiful exterior finish. This combination is also completely fire resistant and sound transmission is reduced allowing intrusive noise to be kept at a minimum. 【Get Price】

Construction Speed. Taracon Precast’s manufacturing process dramatically reduces the time required to erect the envelope of a building. Insulated precast concrete wall panels can be created as a complete system that includes insulation and a moisture barrier as well as an exterior membrane and interior finish. 【Get Price】

Insulated 220mm-thick precast sandwich wall panels (70mm concrete externally 50mm XPS foam 100mm concrete internally) commonly used in residential construction achieve a total R-value of 2.42. This can easily be increased by selecting foam of 80mm or 100mm. 【Get Price】

Panel Joint Precast Twin Wall Beam 70mm Precast Concrete Outer Leaf Cavity Filled on-site [thickness varies] 70mm Precast Concrete Inner Leaf Reinforcement Cage cast into panels [in factory] to precast engineer design Typical End Connection at Conc. Base 10 180-400 70 varies 70 Height to Suit 2nr.x 70mm thick Skins of Reinforced Concrete 【Get Price】

Concreate® wall panels are only 1/8” thick and weigh only 1.3 lbs. per square foot making them ideal for many uses other than just walls. This includes custom fabrications and joinery applications. Creative architects and designers will find countless alternative uses for this incredible attractive and versatile product. 【Get Price】

But precast concrete building envelopes don’t stop there. They offer design flexibility time savings and improved profitability too. Precast concrete wall panels and veneer are typically lightweight and easy to install with products ranging from thin brick veneer to cladding inspired by limestone travertine and other stone products. 【Get Price】