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Cost of PVC Decking vs. Wood. PVC decking costs $5 to $13 per square foot compared to $10 to $22 per square foot for wood. PVC prices run lower largely because it is easy to recycle into new material. Since the installation process can be fairly similar labor tends to be about the same. PVC vs. Composite Decking Costs 【Get Price】

Steel Deck Condo and Townhome Metro Manila Philippines STEEL DECK and COLORED ROOFING. Cavite City Architecture and Engineering. STEEL DECK and COLORED ROOFING --- FOR SALE Contact me at 0943 519 8635 for fast transaction STEEL DECK --Web deck-- - 972mm x 0.8mm - 972mm x 1mm --Flat deck-- - 457mm x 0.8mm - 457mm x 1mm - 257mm x 0.8mm - 257mm x 1mm COLORED ROOFING --Rib type-- -.4mm -.5mm ... 【Get Price】

PVC Vinyl Decking Costs Zip Code Sq. ft. Basic Better Best; PVC Vinyl Decking – Material Prices: $425.00 – $450.00: $575.00 – $695.00: $750.00 – $835.00 【Get Price】

PVC Vinyl Decking Prices Decking that is made out of PVC or polyvinyl chloride is quite impressive when consumers understand how it's made. This material contains natural gas crude oil stabilizers toners chlorides impact modifiers and titanium dioxide which works to make the deck resistant to ultraviolet rays and keeps it from yellowing. 【Get Price】