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4 Important Factors When Choosing Rental Flooring . Durability: You do not want to constantly be replacing the flooring in your rental. When choosing a flooring material you want to select something that is attractive to tenants but will also withstand a lot of wear and tear. 【Get Price】

Parquet flooring is more stable than traditional wood flooring. This is because it is comprised of three layers of wood cut at 90 degree angles to reduce movement of the wood. The top layer of parquet flooring is the wear layer. This layer is carefully selected to ensure the most endurance over time. 【Get Price】

In fact one of the things wood does give off is a natural organic compound that relaxes people–it’s not just the warmth of wood’s color that creates such an inviting effect. Wood Enhances Energy Efficiency. Wood has a higher insulation rating than either steel or plastic as a result of its natural cellular structure. 【Get Price】

Floor Size. Generally not more than 50% of the people dance at any one time. In fact each couple requires nine square feet of space. If you have a party for 200 people 50 couples or 100 people normally will be the maximum number on the dance floor at one time. 【Get Price】