does concrete balconies white railing

Corroded Rusty or Loose Balcony Railings. If the balcony railing is loose the reason could be something as simple as a screw that's wiggled out of position - or something as serious as a structural flaw. It's always a good idea to have an exterior safety inspection conducted by a professional structural engineer at least once a year. 【Get Price】

6. Concrete Concrete is a robust material. These railings made of concrete are available in a prefabricated form and are usually installed in low-rise bungalows or villas. Concrete railings are selected so that they match the external facade of the building just as in the image above. Pros. Concrete railings are sturdy. 【Get Price】

PVC and vinyl railings are popular alternatives of wood. But the colors are limited white is the most common color for such railings. Designs available are the same as those of wooden railings but vinyl railing does not deform and not need repainting or sealing. This type of railings should be cleaned regularly for a clean look. 3. Glass Railing 【Get Price】