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California Advanced Homes Program | SoCalGas Building Today for Tomorrow's Environment. We have the blueprint to build more environmentally-friendly communities. Our 2018/19 CAHP encourages best practices in energy efficiency green building and sustainability.【Get Price】

Standards & Codes That Guide Green Building Concepts Green building tools enable analyses of specific aspects of sustainable or “green” building such as energy efficiency modeling indoor air quality analysis or materials screening and evaluation. These tools can be standards themselves and are sometimes referenced in whole green building systems codes and certification systems.【Get Price】

GREEN BUILDING GUIDE RCAC Green Building Guide 1-3 Chemical-based indoor/outdoor cleaners chemical-based fertilizers and weed and insect control substances all affect water quality by【Get Price】

How to Convince a Client to Go Green | Architect Magazine Prove Green Isn't Cost Prohibitive One common barrier to pursuing sustainability is a client’s perception that going green will add significantly more cost. But that’s not always—or even often—the case says Rebecca Dunn Bryant AIA co-founder of the architecture firm and green building consultancy Watershed in Fairhope Ala.【Get Price】

11 simple eco-friendly practices you can adopt at home - Blue You have a home and you want to think more about the environment. You want to improve your home habits to conserve energy and to develop green initiatives within your home. Here are ten simple eco-friendly practices that you can adopt at home. 1. Make use of natural light as much as possible Rather than […]【Get Price】

8 Sustainable Business Practices - Are You Doing Your Part The increasingly popular green approach to business practices is what sustainability is all about. Sustainability is a term that has grown in popularity and has become a catchphrase for green business practices that has been incorporated into many corporate strategies. The definition of sustainability is:【Get Price】

Green Building Standards and Certification Systems | WBDG Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)—was created in 2000 by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for rating design and construction practices that would define a green building in the United States. LEED is used throughout North America as well as in more than 30 countries with over 6300 projects currently certified 【Get Price】

(PDF) Green Building Practices Around the World Green Building Practices Around the World Article PDF Available. January 2012; in the early 2002 the fi rst comprehensive policy addr essing building energy perfo rmance (EPBD)【Get Price】

Best Practices - GreenBuildingAdvisor Best Practices Setting Priorities at the Start of a Project. Editor's note: This is the first post in a new blog series by longtime GBA contributors colleagues and friends Peter Yost and Ann Edminster.【Get Price】

10 Best Practices for Building Green Teams | Greenbiz and Green Impact have partnered to release a new report "Green Teams: Engaging Employees in Sustainability." Based on interviews with green team leaders from Intel Yahoo! eBay and Genentech as well as a review of the latest literature on employee engagement and green teams the report provides an overview of the best practices companies are using to support and guide green teams.【Get Price】

The Green Guide to Sustainable Hotel Practices Hotels should implement environmentally sustainable practices for a host of reasons - from attracting eco-conscious consumers to saving money on energy costs. Going green in your hotel can greatly benefit your bottom line and help you prepare for a bright future in the hospitality industry.【Get Price】

How do cities become green? 10 best practices of green cities Cities become green through small grassroots movements that become viral combined with best practices of city government. Best practices of green cities. Becoming a green city is more complicated than just good urban planning and stricter codes. Here are some best practices from the world’s most sustainable cities.【Get Price】

GREEN BUILDING POLICY AND DESIGN: BEST PRACTICES FROM wednesday october 7 2009. green building policy and design: best practices from switzerland【Get Price】

These Are the Top 5 Countries for Green Living | Best The 2020 Best Countries for Green Living ranking draws from the results of a global perceptions-based survey and countries are ranked based on a compilation of three country attributes: caresing 【Get Price】

Sustainable Building Guidelines Sustainable Building Technical Manual: Public Technologies Inc. the U.S. Green Building Council and the U.S. Department of Energy: Guidelines for energy- and resource-efficient building during predesign design construction operations and maintenance. 1996: Whole Building Design Guide: National Institute of Building Sciences【Get Price】

Guiding Principles of Green Building Practices | Planning for Green building practices can serve a variety of purposes and are often categorized into multi-faceted designs and approaches that are beneficial for both communities and businesses. Both policy professionals and the building industry have categorized green building principles to help guide future development and design.【Get Price】

1.6 Environmental Policies & Practices | GSA 1.6 Environmental Policies & Practices. GSA is committed to being a responsible environmental steward through the consideration of the environment in all our business practices compliance with environmental laws and regulation using environmentally beneficial products and services and using resources in a sustainable manner.【Get Price】

City of Chicago :: Green Roofs: Best Management Practices Green Roofs: Best Management Practices "Green" roofs are layers of living vegetation installed on top of buildings from small garages to large industrial structures. They help manage stormwater and contribute to improved water quality by retaining and filtering rainwater through the plant’s soil and root uptake zone.【Get Price】

New Construction and Renovations at EPA | US EPA Whether building a new facility or renovating a building EPA promotes energy and resource efficiency waste reduction pollution prevention indoor environmental quality and other environmental factors. To encourage sustainable building design and construction EPA uses several tools to incorporate track and verify green building practices:【Get Price】

7 Best Practices for Building Affordable Green Homes Using a combination of input from builders participating in the National Green Building Certification Program and results from recent research we did for HUD on the costs and benefits of green affordable housing the NAHB Research Center has identified seven beneficial practices to consider when building green for the affordable market. 1.【Get Price】

Sustainable Construction Best Practices | Fieldwire Green building materials like bamboo recycled plastic ferrock and even hempcrete are all alternatives to using concrete and are four sustainable construction materials you can use on your next project. Thoughtful selection of sustainable building materials should occur at the beginning of each project.【Get Price】

Sustainability Best Practices Framework Sustainability Best Practices Framework. Sustainable Communities Sustainability Best Practices Framework: Options to Consider. The Institute for Local Government’s Sustainability Best Practices Framework offers options for local action in ten areas. They are drawn from practical . experiences of cities and counties throughout California.【Get Price】

New guide on green practices for construction industry A new guide on best green practices for the construction industry has been launched Tuesday. The manual called the “Green and Gracious Builder Guide” provides information on innovative green solutions. Such solutions and technologies help to support the industry in the adoption of sustainable green practices.【Get Price】

Sustainable Healthcare Facilities - Green Healthcare The U.S. Green Building Council developed Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as “a nationally accepted benchmark for the design construction and operation of high performance green buildings. The LEED rating system is the current best practice standard for the building sector.【Get Price】