where the floor meets the door

What do I use to fill in gap between my driveway & garage floor? Between my garage floor & my driveway there is a gap of almost an inch wide & probably an inch deep. I want to fill it in because it catches leaves dirt et…【Get Price】

» Video: How to Position Door Threshold on Floor » Fine Nowadays we don’t have problems with damp dirt floors. We have a problem with dissimilar floor materials that we need to cause to meet one another gracefully. Of course the most obvious place to have the joint between the 2 floor materials is at a doorway. And so we’ve taken up that term “threshold” to describe the place where they meet.【Get Price】

How to Keep Water Out of the Garage: A Handy DIY Guide Treat the entire floor by sealing it with a silicate-based product. Avoid regular floor paints that don’t lay down a moisture barrier. 3. Warm-Weather Condensation. Warm air on cool concrete creates a vapor that settles and turns into water on the garage floor. The solution to this spring and summer problem is simple.【Get Price】

Why & Where to Caulk Around Your Home - Home Tips for Women Where the backsplash meets the counter and wall. Caulk around the sink where it meets the counter top. Where the tub or shower meets the surround the wall and the floor. If the surround is more than one piece the corners may also need to be caulked. Holes where the plumbing comes through the wall or floor. They will often be covered by 【Get Price】

Laminate Floor Fit Up To Door | Screwfix Community Forum Yep a 25mm upvc cloaking profile about 5 quid from your local Eurocell or UPVC stockist the strip needs to be superglued to the door and it bonds pretty quickly you'd need to lay a board across to apply a slight downward on the floor (although if it's laying nice and flat you may not need to) then stick the trim to the door it will pretty much look like part of the door.【Get Price】

How To Install Door Trim - This Old House Once you’ve marked the reveal hold a casing leg in place with its edge on your pencil marks. Check how the leg meets the floor—if the floor is out of level you may need to trim the bottom of the leg to meet it fairly. Once you’re happy with that mark where the reveal on the jamb head meets the leg. This is where you’ll cut the leg.【Get Price】

where tiles meet carpet - what point i am wondering where the tiles meet the carpet at the door? is it the bathroom side of the door bedroom side or exactly in the middle (under the door itself) may i have a photo? also the tiles run under the door jambs - so would i take some off the bottom of the jamb for the tiles to go under as opposed to tiling around the jambs【Get Price】

Transition Time: How to Connect Tile and Hardwood Floors The simplest way to link floor tile and hardwood of different heights is with a transition strip. These strips can be finished to look like the floor or painted to stand out. Tip: Leave ⅝ inch to ¾ inch of space centered underneath the door for the bottom of the transition strip. If you affix a piece of scrap baseboard or plywood in the same 【Get Price】

How to Fix a Gap Under a Door | Home Guides | SF Gate How to Fix a Gap Under a Door. Door gaps especially on exterior doors can be serious energy wasters. In the winter they let cooler air in and in the cooling season when your air conditioner is 【Get Price】

flooring - How can I transition between these floors? - Home This floor meets directly with the tiled floor of the kitchen. I'm looking to fit some sort of transition bar between the laminate floor and the kitchen tiles however the complication is that along with run of the length of where the two floors meet the height difference between the two floors changes.【Get Price】

Place where door frame meets bathroom floor gets wet white I’ll start with - This place is otherwise perfect. Built in 1969 in Denver charming condo complex with reasonable HOA fees. Most things are on the newer side - appliances windows floor patio it’s everything I could want and plenty of space for a good price. Now that’s out of the way - I want to throttle whoever painted this place last.【Get Price】

How to Install Wall Tile Around a Door Frame Install all of the ceramic tiles in the room first. Then install the door casing leaving a small space between the top of the tile and the bottom of the casing. Ceramic tile is difficult to cut at odd angles while wood is much easier to cut. This allows you to butt the tile right up to the door frame.【Get Price】

How to Fix a Garage Door Gap | Networx A garage door gap where the door meets the floor can have numerous causes which will determine your choice of solution. Adjust the limit switches if your garage door won’t close all the way. Flexible garage door seals are easy prey for animals that have the will and need to chew.【Get Price】

Exterior Caulking Tips Problems are common where the door frame meets the threshold. A thin bead of caulk can prevent water damage here. Also caulk the areas where trim meets the door frame or siding. In garages with concrete floors the frame can soak up moisture from the floor causing peeling and dry rot.【Get Price】

When Wood Floors Meet Tile: Important Tips You Can’t Miss Anytime a hardwood edge meets a tile edge this small crack will not only be natural but necessary to achieve a smooth transition. Whether the tile is in a bathroom kitchen or around a fireplace where the wood butts up to the tile there will be a grout line that needs to be filled.【Get Price】

How to Do Thresholds on Hardwood Floors | Home Guides | SF Gate Hardwood floors are installed by interlocking thin rectangular sections called planks. Thresholds such as where the floor meets the door sill have trim installed to create an air-tight seal and 【Get Price】

How to Cover a Gap Between the Laminate & the Door Casing Check to see if your door will close over it by placing a small piece of it on the floor under the door. If the door works properly measure the width of the opening and add the width of the 【Get Price】

Installing Carpet Against Hardwood Floors - Step By Step With If you've decided on keeping the existing carpet in some areas where it meets up with the wood floor here are some pointers for you. First when removing the old make sure both the carpet and carpet padding extend over the area where the two floor coverings will meet when you begin ripping up the old carpet.【Get Price】

Caulking - What should and should never be caulked Garage door panels should not be caulked While a DIYer or a novice painter might attempt to produce a cleaner look by sealing all gaps on a wood garage door garage door panels are designed to move. The panels on your garage door require room for free-play. Caulking them is a mistake and the caulking is likely to fail prematurely.【Get Price】

How big should the gap at the bottom of an interior door be The standard I use is 1/2" over finish floors 3/4" is acceptable. To fix the issue the doors need to be removed bottom of the jambs cut and reset the door. I have never seen a door set with that big of a gap unless it was to get past floors that were not level. That is a lot of room for unlevel you have there.【Get Price】

Sealing gap between garage floor & drywall Hi: I am trying to figure out whether & how to air seal the gap between my garage floor and drywall in my 12-year old three-story townhouse in zone 2a. The gap is generally 1/2" wide however in many places it's less. The door shown in the photos leads to the first-floor of the house. I think caulk (any particular kind?) is the answer but wanted to check first. Also curious - without 【Get Price】

How to Install Baseboards & Door Casings | Home Guides | SF Gate Measure and cut the baseboard off square where it meets the door casing. 3 Shape and round the ends as much as needed to hide any Seven Trust edges where the baseboard butts into the door casing.【Get Price】

How to Finish Carpet in a Doorway With No Transition Strip Smooth out the carpet over the doorway and feel it with your hands to locate the area where it meets the other type of flooring. Place a straightedge on top of the carpet and cut along the line using a utility knife to trim off the excess.【Get Price】

Flooring finish up to patio door - MyBuilder Hi we are about to have a new wooden floor laid in our lounge and one of the entrances is a patio door and i'm unsure what the options are for finishing the wooden floor as it meets the upvc frame..【Get Price】